Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Novel Released Sunday, 1/28/18

   My new novel, MURDER ON THE 13th GREEN, was released Sunday, January 28, on Amazon. My first novel, THE FRAME, was re-released at the same cover and a few new things inside. Both novels are set in Memphis, TN during the post WWII 1940s. They are available as e-books and paperback.
   My third novel, THE MAIN STREET MURDERS, will be released later this year. All three are Peter English, PI mysteries. I am also recording the first two for audio books.
If you like mystery, mayhem, action, humor, a little romance and the 1940's, you should enjoy these books. I enjoyed writing them and I even enjoyed the research of Memphis, cars, clothes, buildings and restaurants, the police and a lot of other things during the 1940s. Go ahead...fact check me. I dare you.
   If you like 'em, let me know and leave a comment on Amazon.

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